In our tennth and final video of our visit to Shikoku we...left the island of Shikoku to explore a famous little open air art museum on the island of Naoshima.

Double fisting coffee. As one does.

Net nipple island.

A ladybug pumpkin welcomes you to Naoshima.

Is this a....elephant?

Cool art you can climb in.

Just on a stroll.

Yep, that's a thumbnail.

More strollin'.

Just a bit of Missouri here in Japan.


Hey....nice balls.


Big dude or small gate?

Marker with the name of the prefecture.

This guy looks content.

This is a tantanmen flavor that is from a tiny little shop a block away from our old apartment in Otsuka.

Eric is a big cow fan. Gentle dudes.

our trip was 933 miles! this?


You know the udon is a big deal when they write the name of it in huge characters at the airport.


Welp, we forgot a banana at home.