We wanted to climb up a volcano for some reason so found the easiest one we could that was within reach of a three day weekend and ended up having a pretty cool weekend full of surprises in the mountains of Tochigi.

Update about that death rock from the first video in this series:

Vegan ramen can be legit amazing. Wish there was more of it around the city.


Kyde is forever productive.

Nice....veiny...udders? hrm.

It's gonna be a classy night!

Well labeled!

Ok. A death rock. Let's go.

Weegee watchin' you!

Wonder if he paid as much as we did.

A perfect day for a hike!

Waiting for the bus to the ropeway to the hike, like true mountaineers.


Felt wonderful to be out in the world again after a long bit of time since our last trip to nature.

The lady praying briefly is a neat moment Kyde caught by accident.

Never really know how to "pose" for photos like this, haha. Arms up, derp?

See what I mean?

The best meals are meals right after a hike.

There was a little dog barking a lot inside this restaurant haha.

Moon was out and in charge.

Kyde's dinner.

Loving this 9 tailed fox lore.

These lanterns are really cool too. That logo!

No idea why, but we are always using these road mirrors for selfies.

The poop professor. Of course.

Miss Kyde and her hams.

Now *that`s* a hell of a cosplay.

Fun little find! Maybe a tad expensive.....but still fun!

The digital "bokeh" system on phones doesn't do great work on spiders...yet. Haha.