Here's some footage we shot during our trip across the United States. This video covers the journey from Las Vegas, Nevada up to Bend, Oregon. On our way, we got to experience Yosemite and the Redwood National Park in California, both are a must see for any trip there. We went to Bend, Oregon to visit Eric�s grandmother and parents for the holidays. It was great and we had a good time enjoying fondue and Wii bowling for Christmas. Fun!

When driving on long stretches, we have to find ways to have laughs in the car!


Wait... did we just come to the nexus of the universe? We left Fredericksburg weeks ago!

Oh Yeah!

Hanging out in one of Eric's childhood adventure spots!

Enjoying our first sarsaparilla!

When Eric's family lived in California, his Dad was a land developer and he helped build a neighborhood. His Dad made a lasting mark by writing his name on one of the roads! How cool!

Hello Yosemite!

It had recently snowed in Yosemite, so it was great that we had our snow clothes with us! We didn't have good shoes, but we did our best to ignore the slow freezing of our bottom bits! We trekked as far as possible and made sure that we found the Fallen Giant! This is one of Kyde's favorite pictures from our entire trip!

Walking through one of the giants!

San Francisco! Lombardy Street to be exact!

Parking on such a slope can be a challenge. Kyde accepted it!

This Coit Tower was not as delicious as expected!

A good view of the Fisherman's Wharf!

Right after we took the above picture on the pier, we noticed some guys pulling in a catch. We tried to figure out what kind of fish he got, but that useless because after getting a closer look we found out it was a small shark!


We found the Castro!

Haight and Ashbury!

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!

Kyde was so excited to drive Champ through a tree that she did it 5 times!

This was another of our roadside camping sites. We woke up to this beautiful fog filling the valley and in the distance you can see the Pacific Ocean!

We spotted some Roosevelt Elk enjoying the misty sunshine!

Feeling small!

Still feeling small, but in a much funnier way!

Kyde has wanted to visit Crater Lake in Oregon since she did a report about it in elementary school. We heard it wasn't possible to visit the lake during the winter. We decided that we would drive as far as we could toward it. It's a good thing that we pushed on, because we made it all the way there! It was enchanting to see, but freezing to feel!

Eric and his grandmother! She's sassy and I'm pretty sure she could take him!

Oh, so that's where they live!