This is a bit hard to comprehend for me, but this is the last video of our huge trip from August 2009 to February 2011. I have to admit I'm pretty happy to be done editing all of this! I still have a lot of videos I want to make though, including a video about time I spent in a band with some of my friends, a video about Geocaching in Virginia with Kyde and a video about our new home in Japan! When you compress our lives into these little updates, we sound very busy!

Spoiler: We went to Mt. Rushmore and when we walked in the Harlem Globetrotters were standing in front of the presidents taking tourist style, not for any promotion or anything. So, I offered to take a picture of the whole group and ended up with a pocketful of cameras and took a bunch of photos. Weird, right?

Anyways, other than that it's damn cold in South Dakota in January, especially when you're sleeping in the car. Haha. Ok, this video covers the last leg of our trip across America, specifically the drive from Oregon back to Virginia. Enjoy!

Oregon Power, yo.

Idaho! We are trying to show how cold it is, but our breath wouldn't show up in the picture.


A quote from the walls of the Utah State Capitol Building!

The murals all over the State Capitol Building were beautiful!

Feels like China.



One of the most enchanting sunsets we've every witnessed!

South Dakota!

A stamp Kyde has been waiting to receive with anticipation!

Harlem Globetrotters!

This is another place that Kyde has wanted to see for a very long time! HOORAY!

Is that a... It can't be... But... It is!




Taking fun pictures at the Bean in Chicago!

The Sears Tower up close!

We had to check out the see through balconies on the 103rd floor!

We had fun leaving Sitwell for other to find!



The final picture of the road trip! Champ needs a bath!