This update is about our visit to Osaka, Japan. Walking around Osaka at night is mindblowing! Some footage of our search for deer in Nara is included. Awesome!

Full train? Make your own seat!

We found out some trains run women-only cars during rush hour, because strange men had been known to grope ladies on the packed trains!

Perhaps ARA will always be the place to be for 14 year old girls!

While walking the streets aimlessly, we found these giraffes. Whoever came up with this massive mural was a genius. You can see Eric at the bottom of the picture to help give perspective to just how big the painting was!

We aimed to find the area where they filmed Blade Runner, but we missed! No matter! The canal was beautiful from any bridge!

Another enchanting manhole cover. Why doesn't America get working on these for every state? Also, they should probably get a mascot for every city!

He looks sweet, but he's pure evil!

Outside of Osaka, you'll find the city of Nara. Nara is known for it's high population of National Treasure Deer! Seriously, they are national treasures!

Kyde is gonna be jealous!

Kyde has a fear of being bitten by animals, but she ballsed up and tried getting a deer kiss!

Could Japan get any cuter?

We are not sure what these plaques are called, but they are present in many shrines. They usually come in interesting shapes and make a very cool photo op! At this shrine, we actually found some written in Spanish!

An alien on Earth!

The five-story pagoda at Kofuku-ji was impressive!

The bees here are no joke!

Kyde tried one piece of octopus sushi and decided she was better off making an octopus mustache with the second piece!


Now that's the best fan you can get!

We saw a parade with lots of tradition garb!

Is that boat on fire? Yes! It's a controlled fire, don't worry!

A cup of happiness!