We have been to Osaka in the past but didn't feel like we gave it a fair shot. After three more days there it's become one of our favorite cities in Japan!

What a wonderful welcome to Osaka!

Do bears work here or are they the customers?

The squat!!

A rainy Osaka!

Kushikatsu! Here's a fun Japanese tidbit: The kanji used in the name has δΈ² in it which looks like two things on a stick by no coincidence!

Weird looking dudes.

This tower encompasses the feeling of Osaka for sure.

Taking a picture of us taking.......

....this picture!

The derpy dragon!

Wait...why is MJ at Starbucks?!

Epic cream levels!

Is this racist?

Making plastic takoyaki was a trip!



A Kyde creation!


Osaka okonomiyaki!

On a tipsy river cruise!

Trust him?

Sup girl?

Legit artwork here.

Pretty rad looking castle they got down there.

Is that...an owl?

Beware of scammers!

Time to head home!