This update covers our brief visit to Otaru in Hokkaido, Japan. Spoiler: We get to play with fire! Enjoy!

A new manhole cover! This one has otters!

Making glass beads for earrings for her Mom!

Eric tried his hand at the flames as well!

Eric is not a big fan of these kinds of pictures, but I managed to talk him into it somehow! So cute!

This is a dog-free food establishment! Thank goodness!

Hokkaido is home to a lot of beer breweries, large and small! We got to visit many of them. This is a small brewery run out of a local tavern. We had an up close look at all the equipment!

In search of some interesting food, we ended up in a shack with Eric armed with hamburger and a GUN!!

Creepiest taxidermy on the planet? Maybe!