This update covers our time in the previously war-torn town of Phonsavan. We get to visit the Plain of Jars and try our best not to get blown up!

Phonsavan was heavily involved in the Vietnam War since it was along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The city is littered with post-war artillery and debris. This is a machine gun sitting on the balcony of our hotel!

Phonsavan is considered to be the most bombed area of land per capita worldwide. Much of the land has not been cleared of the UXO, unexploded ordinance (bombs which have yet to explode), so there are many signs to warn people about straying from the safe zones!

We visited the Plain of Jars! It is said these jars were carved and placed to collect rainwater for travellers to use on the long trade routes. No one really knows why they are there though!

It does not feel good to stand on this side of the X!

Safe - Gonna get blow up!

Our tour included a stop at a home brewery which gave out free samples of Mastake Whisky! They talked about the production process and the samples were quite strong!

How were people even using this jar? Maybe this one's only for decoration!

Refreshingly relevant!

Next stop on the tour... A tank! You can see that Kyde has hopped in the tank and her hand is coming out the front! It's a bit hard to see but her head is in the hole on the left!

Strolling through the countryside!

This jar might be broken!

Can you find us?

An electrically colorful friend!

Laos provided us with many excellent sunsets!

Our bus had to stop because there was road work being doing. There was no way around and we were stuck for about an hour and a half. What do you do with your time? Climb around on the bus!

Also, you climb around on other vehicles!

On top of the crags!

Virginia is helping slowly kill people all over the world! Thanks!