This update lays out all our adventures from Phuket! If you'd like to read a blog entry by Kyde about your Thanksgiving abroad experience, click here!

Lucky for us, we have a friend, Pati, in Virginia who is Thai. His mother owns a hotel in Phuket, so we got some sweet treatment during our stay. In the picture here, you can see Pati's Mom, but what you can't see is her collection of adorable poofs (dogs)! If you are ever in Phuket, stay at the J&J Inn, it's great!

Pati's Mom gave us a postal hookup and we got some awesome mail on arrival!

Sand & Sunshine!

This is my favorite Eric move in the water!

He looks like a sailor!

Playing some hangman in the sand!

Thanksgiving took us to the BIG BUDDHA!

We heard that you could make a little bit of history by visiting the BIG BUDDHA and decorating a tile which would be used in the site renovations. This was our handy work!

Our first elephant crossing sign!

Mini golf is so much fun!

This picture has a bit of a back story, but it's so good! We arrived at a very crowded intersection. Cars were zooming around and our eyes were caught by a small critter running around in the mess. It turned out to be a dog that was obviously domestivated and in serious danger! Traffic stopped for a moment and Kyde bent down and put her arms out to the dog. The dog wasted no time in bolting for the protection. This shot was snapped a few moments later when we realized that we had probably saved the little guys life! We hung around the intersection for a bit when we noticed a motorbike with two people looking around frantically. They spotted us with the dog and waved us over. A young lady on the back of the bike was crying her eyes out and took the dog in her arms. They thanked us and rode away!