This update covers our arrival in Japan and a week we spent with the Starkey family. Enjoy all five videos of this update. The last video is especially cool as it shows a lot of cool things about homes in Japan.

The Starkey household is equipped with the latest in toilet technology!

Riding down the street in Sendai was a breeze. Kyde fell off the bike only a few seconds after this shot was taken. She didn't get hurt though!

Brian invited Eric to come down and enjoy practice with his band, ComeOnFeel! Eric got to play drums which he hadn't done almost a year!

We went on a field trip to hike around Zao Okama. It was challenging, but it was a nice view at the top!

We found tons of strange photo ops at the summit!

Eric and Brian celebrating their height and our ascent!

The conversation during this picture went like this...
Kyde - "That's not dangerous."
Eric - "Atleast we have insurance."
We didn't have insurance!

Piling rocks up at gorgeous locations is very big in Asia!

The crater at the top of the mountain. It's July and there is still snow!

Anybody home?

Playing around in Matsushima! The forest was epic looking! Eric also got a tiny juice box to quench his thirst!

Why get a coke from the vending machine when you can get drunk??

We got the marble out of the bottle!