This update covers our SECOND visit to Sendai, Japan with the awesome Starkey family. Hope you enjoy it!


We went to the beach with the Starkey family. This beach was not the cleanest! Kyde got hit in the leg with a cutting board and later found this folliage in the waves. We have heard that the tsunami made this beach much cleaner!

American cars in Japanese parking spaces are an impossible puzzle!

Brian's band, ComeOnFeel, at a true Japanese punk rock show!

We visited Tohoku University (the home of fiber optics) to enjoy their Science Day for children. Turns out Kyde is the master of science!

On the way back to the car, we found this guys hanging out on a handrail!


Kyde's new BBFs!! We went to a party hosted by the Starkey's friends! It was a very fun night with many new drinks and friendships. Kyde and the lady at her right side were BBFs by the end of the night. Yes, BBFs!

Whose gonna protect our belongings if we put them in this locker? This giraffe will! We trust him!