Following a desire to do another exploration of the food Seoul has to offer, we spent a 3-day weekend hunting for as many different tastes as possible! If you want to check out our previous visit to Korea back in 2010, that adventure starts here:

Catchy sign at the airport in Japan.

The first thing we saw when we arrived in Korea was people watching video games online. Totally Korea!

And this was the second thing we saw! Hahaha.


Rainy, but wonderful!

me in real life.

Sweet spoon!

Used to eat some amazing food!

We want to write a book: "Manhole covers of the world."

Kyde rockin' some Tay Sway!

Everyone is excited to use the bathroom at McDonalds!

An awesome recommendation from a viewer!

Jesus lookin' a little different than normal.

Stained glass is one of Kyde's favourite things.

Be careful, that box is hot!

... but pretty!

A brief intermission between meals. Haha.

...and we found street food!

I love how this neighborhood was home to high-end shops with old style street food sitting outside. What an amazing mixture!

That looks promising!

Ok, so the fish needs his mouth opened for the... cream and amazing honeycomb they jam into it!

Confused about the time.

Rocking a re-enactment!

This guy looks a bit derpy...

...but he gets to live in this magical place.

Just a bit creeped out by the public anti-Japanese stuff written in English.

This is so distinctly Korean to us!


Is this the best bottle opener ever?

This sign made me slightly uncomfortable.

A new friend! Lemon-China!

The best ghetto sandwich shop in the world!

"Kiss me like Bernie Sanders over there."

The English here is a bit shaky.

Not clear on what to do here.

The coolest drain pipe we have ever seen!

A very cool overlook.

Heeeeeeeyyyyyaaaa girl!

We need this sign at our apartment building.

An awesome government building. We thought it was the President's house, but I asked a Korean friend and they said it wasn't. Whoops.

The government building through an awesome gate that leads into a beautiful garden.

The gardens contained some great traditional buildings.

And an lake covered in lily pads.

Year of the Kyde!

Year of the Eric!

More stunning Korea!

Omg. Needle mouse!



Some tourists dressed up in traditional Korean clothing. That red hat is amazing!

Act roundly!

Is this bear some sort of garlic nazi?

Love the lettering on this Starbucks.

We found Seoul's Akihabara and it's amazing!

"One please"

The thought of "classy spam" still makes me laugh.

Our chariot back to Japan!

Had to spend the night in Haneda airport. Watching it come to life was really cool.

Watching the world wake up was amazing as well!