Every year there is a large celebration for Setsubun at Tokyo's Sensou-ji temple in Asakusa. It's just down the steet so I grabbed some festive snacks and watched a lot of people throw beans at crowds, haha.

Got a few pretty cool shots of the people putting on a play, surprised I was even alowed to get up this close to them.

Was hoping to find this but assumed I'd need to go to a grocery store. Got lucky and found it at a shrine!

The little girl and Pikachu with Oni horns are amazing.

I have nothing to say about what this dude's head looks like. Nothing at all.

I'd estimate the combined time of all the bean throwing was well over an hour. It honestly sorta got boring, hahaha.

Got a bag of beans right here.

This dude's t-shirt game is strong.


From that time in 2014 I made a kid pee on the floor.

This has nothing to do with Setsubun, I just stumbled across it and was impressed.