This update is from when we were in Shanghai, China. Arriving in Shanghai at night made us realize that cities tend to show their most brilliant side when they are all lit up. Enjoy!

Pedobear is everywhere!!

We found the Shanghai HOOTERS and Kyde had to get a picture with the ladies!

Coins with holes are the best!

Eric and I were just minding our own business when two men started restraining a young man. It took us a bit to realize that they were holding him for shoplifting til the police showed up, but I doubt that meant they needed to stand on his head at one point.

When it comes to buildings, we like the gigantic ones! Visiting the Shanghai World Financial Center, the tallest building in China!

A better view of the Shanghai World Financial Center with a lot of beautiful lighting to match!


Eric has a friend, Jason Frank, who was born on the same day as him. Gotta send some birthday love from the Oriental Pearl!

Long story short, I sent out a huge mass email to ask people what I should do for Eric for his birthday. I got many replies and did my best to get the supplies together and achieve all of them in one day! My Nana said to give Eric a flower! Right after I took this picture a man walked by and told Eric he was a "Pretty Man"!!

I later scored the flower and joined the Blue Man Group!

A shop close to our hotel sold chicken on a stick and it was super popular. This is the trash from only one day!