These videos and pictures are from our time in and around Siam Reap, Cambodia. They include some amazing photos and footage of Angkor Wat!

On one of our non-touristy days, Eric surprised me with a 4-wheeling adventure! It was so much fun!

We visited a miniatures museum which sported many tiny mock ups of temples from Angkor. It was quite nice to see it from above!

When we had finished our tour of the miniatures, the lady running the place came up to us. She kept pointing to a back room and we had no idea what she was trying to say! She finally just walked us back there and told us to step up on a block and look over the wall. This was the sight we found, around 20 adult alligators living in someone's backyard! Not scary at all!

Time for a bike ride tour of the temples of Angkor Wat!

If you buy your entry ticket for Angkor after 5pm, you can enjoy both sunset and sunrise. We did this and it was totally worth the extra pedaling!

Entering a strange world! Also, ELEPHANTS!

The temple known as Bayon was Kyde's favorite. The attraction of this temple is the many faces which have been carved into the stone. The faces were created from a blend of King Jayavarman VII and Buddha's faces. It is said that no matter where you stand in the temple there is at least one face that can see you! How many faces can you count in this picture?

It was so incredible to see nature invading the temples. I know that in time nature may destroy them, but for the time being the intertwining is incredible. If you look at the top of the middle tree, you will see Eric and that will help to scale these massive settings!

We were determined to find more instances where nature was taking over! We searched throughout this temple and almost gave up, until someone told us to turn around! Then, we saw this! It's like the tree is just dripping off the structure!

It's been a long time, my beloved Dr. Pepper!