We have wanted to go to the Snow Festival for so long! After finding some cheap flights and getting a hotel reservation well in advance, we were so excited! The excitement was totally warranted. The snow scultures were amazing, Sapporo's food was so delicious and the snow tubing was terrifying!

Kyde is addicted to sudoku right now!

Giraffe + Crepe = Happy Eric!

Our first ice sculpture was breathtaking!

Even the smaller snow sculptures were amazing!

We found Snow Mario!

Reinacting the snow sculptures was fun!

As it's the year of the sheep, we found a lot of them!

This was the creepiest sheep of all!

Warming up in the hotel and having fun!

Our footprints!

Hokkaido miso ramen!

The ice sculptures during the day were even cooler! There were real fish and crabs inside! You can even see the blood from the fish! Wow!


Pole Town!

Eric's favorite of the big snow sculptures!

All gone!

Amazing ski skills!

We got interviewed by NHK! Let us know if you see us on TV!

Star Wars Snow!

Take that Mario!

Sent out the postcard club goodies right next to Sapporo Tower!

Met the Sapporo Tower mascot! His mustache is awesome!

Big Cone!

Hokkaido Corn!

Darth after Dusk!

Kyde's corn saber didn't stand a chance!

Translation = White Lover!

Crazy white people!

Hokkaido sushi!

The best painting in the world?

Time for tubing!


In Japan, snowmen are only made of two balls!

Camo sheep mascot? Why not!

Pikachu is taller than Eric! What a crazy world!

Best hair of the trip!

Hokkaido soup curry! Lot of veggies!

Found out that all the snow is in Otaru!

Making friends at the water!

Snow at the sea!

It's cold out there!

Blowing some glass beads for a birthday present!

Kyde has skills!


Otaru doesn't need words to describe its beauty!


About to enjoy some Hokkaido Genghis Khan! Lamb cooked on a grill at your table!

Kyde's favorite snow sculpture!

A little bit of Yokohama in Hokkaido!