This update covers the time we spent in Sokcho, South Korea. Kyde�s Mom hooked us up with an amazing timeshare hotel room here with the greatest beach view! The last video is a video Kyde made showing what she carries in her bag for those of you who may be wondering. Hope you enjoy the videos!

We will forever be missed, LONG BO!

Watch out!

The view from our amazing hotel room! You can see the South Korean soldiers patrolling the coast to make sure no North Korean spys have washed ashore! We are totally safe!

On the sand after sunset! Not sure if this is a good idea with all the soldiers and security!

A great view of the coastline of North Korea. This is just at the boarder between the two countries! We had to hitch a ride with some South Korean tourists to make it up here!

Check 'em out!

Sitting on the roof of Kim Jong-Il's childhood summer home! Sweet digs!

Little did we know there would be many more of these in our future!

A grocery list is something we hadn't made in a long time!

What you don't know makes us smile!

Climbing on a timer can be tough, but Eric made it! Well, most of him!

A new friend!

Eric made this challenging climb while I waited at the bottom. Watching him at the top made me so envious!

I ended up making the trek myself!

A beautiful orange sunset!

You don't just find giant bowling pins in the woods everyday!