This was without a doubt one of the coolest things we have ever done, and it was just a tiny little sampling of the culture that exists up in the Japanese countryside. As amazing as the actual rides were, the part that sticks with us the most is how incredibly humble the drivers are, despite being incredibly skilled. Very happy to have gotten to see this and very excited to watch our friend Albo's channel grow as he shares his amazing corner or Japan with the world. Be sure to check out his incredible unique video series: Drift Hunter on Youtube

Albo took a few pictures with his DSLR while we were up there. You can see a ghost Kyde here if you look close enough.

Just hanging out with some street rockets.

Working on getting a shot for the video thumbnail.

Maybe from this angle?

With Albo and our friend Dogen who came up with us.

Eric probably isn't going to be buying a Miata anytime soon.

But Kyde fits! First right hand-drive stick shifting experience! Thanks, Albo!