We are in Europe for six months! Our first stop is Sweden for a few weeks of living on a boat and exploring during December's brief daylight hours. There is no shortage of awesome stuff to see in Stockholm, even if you are just wandering around the back alleys of the old town with no agenda. We were also lucky to land there in time for the Lucia celebrations in Sweden and it was wonderful to hear people singing in the streets of old town. Oh and the Christmas Market was amazing to explore as it was our first ever. We also checked out a palace, a giant ancient ship and a bunch of authentic (and less authentic) food!

We also hit up Gothenburg for a couple of weeks where we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's with our friends Emma and Tommy who we met when we first moved to Japan back in 2011. We didn't film much during that time as it was mostly just a time to relax, but be sure we had fun!

Japan couldn't have given us a better sayonara. Bye, Fuji!

Welcome to Sweden!

Wow, it really is dark!

Woke up to a dusting of snow our first morning! Perfect!

Dank foot gear.

Our ship!

We have a porthole!!!!

Finally got the final piece of our new camera gear!

Mounts for the mic! So happy!

First meal!


Spent a lot of time warming up in cafes.


Kyde celebrating Lucia.

More magic.

New friends.

That's a big snake. Naw.

Muggin' in the woods.

We found a random street orange.

Turns out Sweden consumes more bananas per person than any other country. My people.

Nice date.

Kinda want this in Tokyo.

Properly sized furniture!

Kyde is big-rigin!

What color is our stuff?


Kyde's dad loves these little games. It doesn't seem to be a genetically contagious

More furniture for adults!

Tom Tits!

Power plugs on a train! Future!

Stockholm's Christmas market!

Getting lost on the streets of the old city is amazing.

The entrance to the old city.

We aren't the only Americans in town.

More of the photogenic old city.

Even more Americans!

What kind of dog is that?!


A wonderful night out with our friend Magnus!

This poster makes me uncomfortable.

That is a really big boat.

Scary ship stuff!


Seriously, a really big boat.

First moose sighting!

EEveryone stares at the poofball on our camera. Haha.


Checking out a palace!

Haha, we were joining a Christmas gift swap and this is the gift Eric brought.


Close to Bjork!

Stockholm from a hill.

Possibly the best picture I've evr taken of Kyde.

We want to go back and hunt runestones in the summer!

Remarkable and unremarkable at the same time.

Getting ready to eat that stinky fish.

Gotta leave pleanty of room for it to get it's stank on.

This is what it looks like when we are shooting a video.

Zoom in on that stink.

Thanks Sweden!