Taipei brought out a lot of fun things for us to explore and many delicious foods! We knew that we wanted to get out of the big city though and we needed a motorbike for it. During this leg, we search for a motorbike and begin the sunburning cruise along the east coast of Taiwan!

Found a little quiet spot!

Kyde loves to take timed pictures! They never turn out perfect, but they are always exactly how they should be!

Cartwheels in front of amazing construction!

Mega memorial moment!

Another massive mascot with a great look!

This guy was legit and hooked us up with an amazing bike!

Heading out of Taipei was a bit smack in the face, but we managed not to kill ourselves! Hooray!

We made it to the coast!

We escaped into the clouds!

The clouds were one of Kyde's favorite parts of Taiwan. She loved how the hugged the top of the mountains like frosting on a cupcake!

Meet Juice Box! He's great!

Kyde hadn't actually driven him at this point, but she was practicing her faces for when she did!

This shot magically happened. A lot of the crazy, bling corners in Taiwan are paired with a mirror so you can see if a car is coming. Kyde managed to snap this shot with us zooming by!

Kyde did not treat her legs well! Ouch!