After burning a bit on the bike, we decided to stop at one of Taiwan's more prized tourist spots, Taroko National Park. The park is known for it's amazing gorge with giant rock walls all around you and the many waterfalls you can search out. We loved zooming around on the motorbike and taking in all the beauty that is Taiwan!

The Eternal Spirit Shrine in Taroko National Park.

If you keep walking past the Shrine, you'll find a bell tower where you can actually ring the bell!!

Ring my bell!

Suspension bridges are very popular in Taiwan and super fun!

Holding on to the camera for dear life and getting a great shot of us between the bars of the bridge!

Traveling the winding roads through the Taroko Gorge!

Lunch consisted of this! We ate food that was sitting right next to these massive pages of dead flies! YUM!

Oh really?

They weren't kidding about the darkness!

My celebration after making it through one of the tunnels without a flashlight!

Just a little bit of rock climbing!

A double waterfall!

This little guy was ready to fight us!

Scooting to the front of the line! Feels so good!

Eric found the ocean!

Big Blocks! We still haven't figured out what these are used for!

Nice udders!

We made a friend! Brian rode along with us for a couple hours while we crossed the island!

We were very surprised at the cold weather at the top of the mountains! We put on lots of layers and still shivered!

The cold was totally worth it for the views!

Zoom Zoom!

Kyde had seen these boiled eggs being sold at convenience stores and she just had to have one! The heat from it helped with the chilly ride!

This dog greeted us at Sun Moon Lake. He had eyebrows! A lady greeted him with a knife when he got too close to her!