After poking around in the national park, it was time to make our way to the western side of the island. We were off to Sun Moon Lake. The lake is also another amazing natural tourist attraction focused on a lake which looks like the sun and the moon together. We could never really see this, but we'll let Taiwan be the expert about its lakes! The motorbike was a great tour guide around the lake taking us to geocaching spots, the tiniest lighthouse in Taiwan and a night market with lots of great nibbles! Enjoy the video and pictures!

Our first sight of Sun Moon Lake!


Kyde trying to decide if she wants to drive the bike with both of us on it!

She did it with a big smile on her face!

Eric got a new T-shirt! How are you doing

Geocaching brought us here, but we came up empty handed!

Dipping toes in Sun Moon Lake!

Dude, don't touch his ball!

The view over Sun Moon Lake after a hefty hike!

Just plain awesome!

Where's Taiwan, Eric? Here!


A large earthquake left this temple in shambles. Instead of trying to reconstruct it, they are building a new temple right next to it. Hopefully they keep this one around so people can feel the strangeness that we felt looking at it!

Perfect? YES!

This makes perfect sense!

After being in so many places with great places to swim and no one swimming, we stole this waterfall on the side of the road for ourselves!

A bubbly joy mcfizz, eh?

Kyde loves to navigate!