The last leg of our Taiwan adventure took us to another nature area. We had heard of a natural waterslide just outside of Taipei in a town called Wulai. We had to go and check it out. It was a very adventurous day with lots of hiking, swimming and diving! After Wulai, we returned to Taipei and met with a new friend George to hang out, eat barbeque and learn about living/working in Taipei! A great end to a fantastic adventure!

We heard there was a natural waterslide in Wulai! We didn't realize it would be such a trek to get to it. Kyde didn't have the right shoes, so she went barefoot.

We found the waterslide and Kyde proceeded to ride it as much as possible!

Kyde did great on the walk in, but on the walk out she fell and hit her chin pretty violently on a huge rock! This is a picture of her coming back to life after falling down!

Funniest picture of the whole trip!

This kind of dinner became too typical!

Happy to be back on the crazy streets of Taipei!

We arrived and they were expecting us!

It was very fun to park Juice Box under Taipei 101!

This is how we eat burgers in Taiwan!

Almost time to say goodbye to Taiwan!

One last epic meal! Memphis BBQ! Kyde needed a bib!

We were so lucky that our paths crossed with George's. He not only invited us to stay and feast with him, but he also blew our minds with his hospitality and interesting stories about his life and hobbies! Thanks, George!