Our 900 mile road trip around Shikoku starts here in Takamatsu! We found some amazing food, a wonderful hike to a series of shrines and stayed in a quirky little love hotel. As always standard amazing Japan stuffs! As a side note, this first video is a wonderful example of exactly what we want to be producing in terms of balance of content, pacing and good memories of the filming process. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming it! Lots more on the way soon.

On the way to the airplane at Narita's terminal #3.

Wow, stunning Fuji.

Filming b-roll for the video of this amazing map we found at the airport on the other side.

Grabbing some wheels!

Getting down on some bird!

Safe love hotel snacks!

Just the normal views are amazing.

Making friends!

Kyde's selfie game is top notch!

Love Japan's dog statues and loyalty stories.

Knocking another selfie out of the park.

A view behind the curtain of her work.

Hold on...coins float!?


Mountainside ponies? Why?



Quite an oddity, this massive sand sculpture.

Get those IG <3!

Kyde took this wonderful phhoto of a couple, the sunset and the moon with her phone.

The GPS is scared.

Hotel Kyoto as we arrived.

Hotel Kyoto as we departed.