Eric's favorite day of the year in Japan is Tanabata! Since 2014 we have headed over to Idabashi's Daijingū shrine to leave our wishes for the year and they always seem to come true! This year we had some rain which kept the crowds low but it was still as magic as always. Pictures below are from (almost) all of the Tanabaras we have had since moving to Japan in 2011. Enjoy!

2011: Our first Tanabata in Japan out in Kumagaya. I don't know if we even really understood what was going on outside of "festival."

2011: Shiny!

2011: What's that?

2011: Woof. Oh wait, in Japanese. Wan!

2011: It was quite a large festival with a different vibe than what we enjoy now.

2011: But still had the same imagery.

2013: No pictures from 2012, but in 2013 Eric was teaching kids and one of our crfts was to make Tanabata wishes in English. This is came true!!

2013: Haahahah, this was one of the student's. I love it.

2014: Our first visit to Daijingū shrine in Tokyo.

2014: Kyde placing her wish.


2014: You can see how much more crowded it gets when it's not raining.

2014: Lots of people inside for prayers.

2016: No pictures from 2015, but in 2016 Eric landed at Sendai's super famous Tanabata festival on his way to Hokkaido for his hitch-hiking trip. Shot a lot of video, but only took two pictures, haha. This one and....

2016: from the fireworks display. Again this has a vastly different vibe than where we like to go in Tokyo which can be crowded but is much lower key.

2017: Back to Idabashi with the long line.

2017: Hoping the two lovers can meet this year.

2017: Getting that up as high as she can!

2018: At the usual, Kyde is pretty.

2019: The rainy year we filmed this video, very few people braved the rain with us.

2019: In our apartment building they put up a wish tree for everyone so Eric made another wish. "I hope my escaped snake returns home." Gotta keep the neighbors on their toes.