We have been considering a trip to Hawaii for peobably 10 years or more, finally made it this year! We started off on an island Eric's family had been fond of during visits during his childhood: The Big Island! Notable for it's size, volcanic activity and some extended family Kyde has living there we had an awesome week exploring everything the island had to offer us!

There is no shortage of Japanese people heading for Hawaii, in the airport in Japan you are already getting the Hawaii vibes.

Had some super authentic hot-dog sushi as a last meal before heading eastward.

First glimpses of Hawaii's beautiful waters.

The airport in Kona on the Big Island is a very cool place, the entire terminal is open air. Plus you are greeted by these ladies.

Our breakfast and view were equally noteworthy!

Rainbows always.

Wild to walk out of your hotel and feel like you've stepped onto the moon.

The different ways the lava cooled and hardened is quite astonishing, it feels like a million stories could be told by the formations left behind.

One of my favorite pictures of Kyde.

Doing some mud-boggin, not the last time on the trip, haha.


Every tourist spends a few days documenting all the various cocks....until they become so numerous you can't keep up.

But for now...wow nice.

There is more than one volcano!?

Neat little formation by the sea.

Kyde throwing some gang.

Walmart is an adventure when you haven't been in one in a long time.

Never seen an Umai-bo with English! Neat! Oh, this is basically a big Cheeto.

Really, Walmart is a trip.

7/11 in Hawaii is an interesting mixture of Japan and The States, cool to find a nikumon box.

Not super promising on paper, but in practice it rains a bit and stops all day everyday so you can work around it for sure.

Dat's a big tree. Trees?

Wow nice kitty.

Home of the best goat-based caramels we've ever had!

"Is it a goat?!"

Our first taste of crazy wind.

Curious cattle.

This valley is cool, but just wait until you see what Kauai has on offer.

Not sure what caused this craving, but it was intense.

Final moments of dry.

The cliffside of the southern part of the island is nothing to sneeze at.

On Mars.

Kyde looking super chic.

Just rolling in the back of a 4x4 with some dude.

Really cool way to travel.

Grocery stores are a huge source of reverse culture shock.

Hah, guess "Calpis" wouldn't fly stateside.

Enjoying more of these amazing trees.

Eric attempting to climb out to a point where two trees connected, but it's not ideal in flipflops when the trees are wet.



Going spelunking!

Really neat cave, cool color difference of the ceiling and floor.

The artwork in Hilo is impressive.

All of it is impressive.

D marks the spot!

The staff got a giggle out of Kyde bursting in and asking where the Donkey Balls are.

Tom Sawyering is a verb.


Liked this cross-section of American and Japanese culture.

Kyde and her bros.

Kyde and her cousin cousin!

Neat church.

That's Sitwell McNubbins.

A pile of coc....errr...fluffy chicks.

Can you imagine hatching from an egg? What a dramatic first moment of life.

You could hear them chirping through the eggshell!

Suddenly chicken!

chirp chirp


Bees are amazing. I love honey.

Heading out to pick some flowers for leis.

Kyde is rocking a "selling snacks at a baseball game" vibe.

pick pick pick

This seems strange to notice, but this photo is rare in the sense that we are both in it and aren't taking it.

We picked a LOT of flowers.

Oh, just some amazing avacado ice cream. nbd.

Kyde about getting stabbed in the face, haha.

Stringing it all together.

Looking elegant!

Yea, gonna eat that for sure.

Making volcanic b-roll.

We look pretty gangster here for a couple of white doofuses.

Setting a scene.....

...is she...sniffing her hand?

Doesn't look to be a good result.

I really don't remember why she was sniffing her hand, hahahahaa.

Volcanoes are amazing.

So, you can walk across one!?

Quick break before a walk ACROSS a volcano.

It's very moonline.

Gangster on the moon.

Social media darling.

Check out the red in the background rock!

Needs some repair!

We met these people at the top and told them to go down to the bottom, it was cool spotting them later!

We live here.

This is Carmella. Kyde kinda hates her.

Check out this dude.

The steam that comes up out of a fresh lava flow after the rain is astonishing.


Photogenic little guy.


Another one! This almost doesn't look real, but I promise you it was alive!

It was Christmas, after all.


This is a trap!

Fancy Christmas dinner!

Car snoozing.

Good morning!

Alarm clocks.

Documenting the cock.

This may be the best photo I have ever taken


Eric for size.


Island hopping skytube!