Here is the exciting conclusion to our adventure in the Philippines! It's a roller coaster of an episode with beautiful sights, motorbike rides, McDonald's, cows, tropical disease, robots and doctor visits. Hope you enjoy! (Oh, there is also a hidden goat in this video. See if you can find it!)

Keeping it hard in the S.E.A. ya'll!

One of our favorite places to be!

Starting to get chocolaty!

Is it even possible to read this?

Derp game strong.

Never seen an entire family on a broom before.

Get the shark!

Just a few days prior, we nearly got stuck offroading. Who cares? Let's do it again!

Find Kyde!



Digits looking gnarled from the sharp grass.

It looks just like what we are looking at!

A wonderful Christmas gift!

The instruments got a break while the musicians enjoyed some refreshments.


A slightly busy boatway.

Relaxing on the voyage.

Kyde taking some stunning sunset photos.

Like I said: Stunning!

Found this picture in a magazine on the airplane from Cebu to Manila. It ended up inspiring us to take a trip to Shirakawa-go a couple months later!

Looks like a mouse got a hold of my headphones at some point.


Finally meeting Pepper!

While recuperating, Kyde practiced making amazing balloon animals!