While preparing for Europe we realized there was still time left to spend a 3 day weekend exploring another Japanese prefecture, so we looked at the calendar and realized it was perfect timing to check out the leaves changing colors in Tochigi so we made it happen! Enjoy!

Meet Jyouzu!

You know how to tell elephant happy?!

Weirdly cute.

Making friends.


Wow wow.

Wow wow wow.

So happy we showed up at night!

Super creepy!


We learned how to hug alpacas! Grab 'em by the neck!

If you write your name on one, can you keep it?

What are *you* looking at?

Impossibly cute.

Neat bridge.

Vending machine corner! A good sign!

Sometimes it becomes very clear you are in a video game.

Adventure time!

Boating underground!

Eric's boots totally didn't fit.



Prepping for Europe with fika!