This massive update is about our time in Tokyo! If you manage to sit through all of the videos (almost an entire hour!!) in one shot, you are quite a trooper. Good luck! Every corner of Tokyo has something crazy going on, so walking around is just unreal here. We're really enjoying it!

In Tokyo, we stayed very close to the Asahi Beer Hall and it's strange Golden Flame. They say the flame is to represent the burning heart of Asahi, but many just see a Golden Turd! Side note: You can see the Tokyo SkyTree under construction on the left!

The subway system was only a little confusing!

This kitty is serious about safe sex!

20-somethings having a good time in their jammies in Akihabara!

There are tons of Maid Cafes in Akihabara and we got gobs of flyers just like this while walking around!

In the middle of Shibuya Crossing. For those who don't know, it's the standard crowded Tokyo shot you see in all movies and shows about Tokyo!

We like science and so we visited the National Museum of Nature and Science. We got to help them plan future explorative robots! TURBOT!!

Although it didn't work very well, it was amusing to navigate a video game with a giant coffee mug!

Watching the world go 'round!


This is my attire for our walk to McDonald's!

We caught a BMX flatland contest! They were pulling amazing moves!

Not far from the BMX madness, we found some incredible graffiti. Kyde would love to have this at home!

Pedobear is taking over Japan!

Eric enjoyed a Tokyo Swallows baseball game! The fans were interesting showing conservative enthusiasm!

At the time, we were unaware how popular this little guy is in Japan!

Fooling around under Tokyo Tower!

These pugs live in this window. They aren't for sale and they tend to be at the window all the time. Kyde really enjoyed seeing them!