Welp, you can rent a tuk-tuk in Tokyo. So here we go.

First up a ride around the block to learn how to drive the thing!

First stop: Skytree!

That's your official big boy.

Second stop? Surprise Makiko!

It was her first tuk-tuk ride!

Image unrealistic: tuk-tuk front seats are for one persons only.

Boy do I not fit in this thing.

Bye Makiko!

Could probably crop this to a decent social media icon. hrrrm...


I liked this round window, cool perspective to photograph things through.

That's a lotta trash.

Haha, this was on the wall of the Indian restaurant we got our curry from....

....as was this.

Perfect tuk-tuk chow!

Neat bridge.

Really really not needed in January, hahahaha.

Seeing the Tokyo Tower from a new angle.

Rad photo! Pefect colors.

Kyde feeling like a badass.

Another one of those official big boys right there.

This was actually also in front of the Tokyo Tower, just facing the other direction.

Eric-eye view of the day.

Not getting in trouble at Tokyo Station.

Blown away we were able to drive to this point, haha. So amazing. We were definitely interesting to the folks who work in the area. They don't see a couple of honkies show up with a tuk-tuk everyday.

Check out Godzilla!

Trying to find food for dinner. We never did, haha.

Another Tokyo landmark off there in the distance. Kyde loves that building.

Surprising another friend with a ride. I am, at this point, frozen.

Quick! Get a photo at Kaminarimon!