Simply put we didn't spend enough time in Italy. We expected Venice to be interesting, but we didn't expect to like it as much as we did as we tend to not enjoy places swarmed by tourists. But Venice...somehow Venice absorbs them and still has plenty of little nooks to explore that are peaceful and seemingly untouched. We fell in love with Italy through just Venice and now we are dying to go back and explore the country more. Maybe next year? We'll see. Enjoy the videos!

After a week delay, we made it.

And it looks amazing.

Our first Italian pizza is on the way!

Get it started with some Italian wine!


A totally different vibe in the daytime!

We found it "fika" isn't a word to be used in Italy. Hahahahaha.



Happy to find neighborhoods that still feel "real."


Playing with the camera a bit!


Holy smokes!

Get that plastic bottle of wine! that a bunny?

Kyde isn't big on "romantic boat rides." She wants to be the captain!

That little sign was us!

The girl who taught us how to row was way cooler than we will ever be.


Setting up a shot!

Is that boat going to fit?


Made a pal.

This is some sort of political statement, right?

Very cool idea.



Feels like Ueno station in Tokyo.

More wow.

We did a lot of this.

Our Japanese friend who we went to Denmark with gave us these when we met up! They spent our entire Europe trip in my camera bag.

Good framing, Kyde!

Eric getting some b-roll.


We saw a largee group of people with some serious camera gear setup to photo this building during a sunset. We aren't sure why it was special over all the other amazing buildings, but they were certainly impressed.

Boat time!

Murano has a very different vibe than Venice.

Bit of purple.

Burano has a different vibe than both Venice and Murano.

Kyde made a buddy.

Awesome colors.


Down a road, back to the ferry.


That tower has a hella lean.


She has the "nice cock" medallion!


Found it!

Around every corner is amazing.

Even the mundane is amazing.

Making her brother jealous!