Vientiane is a bit of a scruffy city. We visited the sites and enjoyed the new environment of Laos. Surprisingly, we found pretty good pizza here! Enjoy!

Just on the outskirts of Vientiane, we found Xiang Khouan, also known as Buddha Park. The park is filled with impressive, strange sculptures from one artist. And it all starts with this bulbous cave! You can actually go inside and get lost while looking for your way to the top!

At the top!

Did we mention they were strange?

This excited cat was our favorite!

Seriously, our favorite!

The artist's rendition of the reclining Buddha! It's HUGE!

We also visited Patuxai which is in the center of Vientaine. Instead of using the concrete shipped by the US to make an air strip for the US troops, the Laotians used the concrete to make this building. Thus, they call it the Vertical Runway! I love thinking about a group of Laotian people standing around a huge pile of concrete supplies saying, "We'll show them!"

The window frames at the top of Patuxai were beautiful!


A bit of communism we found on our way back from visiting the first leader's old house.

At first glance, this really looks like thumbs! It's not, don't worry. We found ourselves at a restaurant which mass produces spring rolls! They were good!