The trip started with a southeast asian slap in the face. We've been away from adventure traveling for too long! We got a barrings and a decent hunger! Food was the first thing priority! Vietnam has so much to offer and we only have a limited time to get as much as possible! The second priority was getting some wheels. We set up to meet a foreigner who sells bike and buys them back. After all the paperwork was finished and questions answered, we rolled through the streets of Ho Chi Minh enjoying our freedom. The next day, we headed out of town to start our southern Vietnam adventure with Vung Tua!

It all started with the world's biggest plane ticket! At least that's what the lady called it. We did get regular tickets, but this is still a massively retro receipt, right?

Kyde's beverage of juice on any flight... tomato juice!

Our first sight in Ho Chi Minh City was the tax meter telling us HELLO! We felt at home!

All the dongs!

Feet on the ground! It's time to buy a bike! This is the contract that actually give Kyde ownership of her first motor vehicle!

Our first tourist attraction! The Notre Dame Cathedral!

We visted the street corner where the famous self-immolation by a monk was performed in the 1960s. Not only is the image that they captured during that time incredible, but they created a monument that truly captured the moment as well.

Graffiti kitty earmuffs!

A fancy dinner at Cyclo Resto!

While we chowed down at Cyclo Resto, we got to enjoy the millions of messages written on the walls by people who had come to the restaurant in years passed. Every bit of space was filled!

We met Jesus!