We made the move from Mui Ne to Dalat. The road trip was very eventful and funny! Dalat was a very different from the coastal cities we had been visiting and we were both really excited to up our altitude! We met a few problems but they turned out to be humorous! We visited the Crazy House and got lost in our adventure!


Back on the bike with a lollipop make Eric a happy boy!

Kyde gets very confused with camera technology sometimes!

Stopped at a very local place to eat. There was no one in the place and we jumped in our first scary meal of food that has definitely been sitting out for a bit. That's normal here, so we went for it. Spoiler: No one got sick! HOORAY!

Eric made a new friend that had to have a picture with him!

Eric picked the best restaurant! The people that ran the place were so much fun! We couldn't speak each other's languages but we tried our best with a little translation section in our guidebook. They were super sweet!

Mystery pop!

That's my man!

Yup, that my man!

Kyde is still getting used to her new haircut!

Eric was playing with extended exposure and it came out really cool!

Dalat really had a European feel!

100,000 dongs! You can see Eric through the peep hole!

Just a little sunburn! Poor Eric!

Kyde was ready to eat anything when we landed and she did her best. This is Mi Quang, a soup with pork and shrimp which isn't very scary, but she did just walk up and say yes to a pot of unknown stuff!

Got overtaken by a crowd of high school students outside the little Eiffel Tower.

Kyde climbed a giraffe!

At the top of Dalat in the Crazy House.


Can you find Eric?

Crazy is not an exaggeration.

It's not that often that you ride a rollercoaster to a...

Waterfall! Note: The beverage by Eric, Miranda Sarsi, is one of the best we've ever had!