Last leg of our time in Vietnam! We managed to track down some awesome coffee, some awesome foods, some awesome roads, some awesome views and an awesome egg full of mud to bathe in! We are dying to go back to Vietnam, hopefully we will have the chance soon!

A little market browsing got Kyde a new white scarf and she spotted this sweater that looks just like one that she owns at home! Meow!

The best way to get a little pep!

It's time to ride in the Swooster!

After a couple nights of in the chilly weather of Dalat at a hotel that would never produce warm water, Kyde scored us an escape at a little cottage (hot water included)!!

The Valley of Love Tree!

Vietnamese zodiac fun! The only difference between the Chinese and Vietnamese zodiac is that rabbits in the Chinese are cats in the Vietnamese.


Eric found his mom!

Kyde should have been born a dragon!

Vietnamese fast food!

Vietnamese baked goods are not to be missed!

The black drink of... delicious! We think it's black sesame but it really could have been anything!

Her name is ?????!!! Since we owned the bike, we thought we should put our mark on it!

This kind of stuff really exists outside of tourist sites!

Riding through a cloud!

We found a huge waterfall on the side of a mountain!

I took this picture of Eric and thought it was the best picture ever!

Then Eric took this picture and it was official that he was the better photographer!

Kyde's hair was doing great things that day!

Even when it's a little gloomy that green still pops!

This is totally navigatiable!


Warm mud bath in an egg! Nice way to spend our last day!


The view outside the egg was tropically eggceptional!

Our footprints!

Our last day with ?????? was a sad one but it was great thinking about how much fun we had with her! The blue card in Kyde's hand shows that we actually owned it! It was nice to flash it to the locals!

Gonna miss this chaos!


Enough said!

We made a friend on our airport shuttle that turned out to be a Ho Chi Minh native and he invited us to dinner! We had pho and lots of chatting!

The sunrise Kyde caught after almost missing the plane!