I've finally got around to editing videos from the trip we made across the United States this past winter, so enjoy the first in the series: Virginia to Colorado!

In Missouri, we met up with two of Kyde�s friend who live in St. Louis, Sarah and Kyle. Kyle works as a International Studies professor at the University of St. Louis and surprised us with an invitation to come and talk to his students about our trip and cultural diversity. The class had many questions for us and we had a good time talking to them. Kyde was super nervous!

In Colorado, we met up with Jesse and Katy (#2). We spent a couple of amazing days at Winter Park skiing and snowboarding. We also visited our favorite zoo, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, near Colorado Springs. Seriously, it is probably the best zoo in the country! We also took in some unexciting Mexican food and shenanigans at Casa Bonita! Exciting? Yes!

We made it a goal to try to get a picture with as many state signs as we could! Prepare to see many! KENTUCKY!


Kyde hanging out with the St. Louis University (SLU) mascot!

Enjoying our time at the world's largest ball of twine!

Probably the cutest picture of Eric EVER!

While riding down the interstate, we found a huge field of endless dead cars!



This was our trusty stead, Champ, for the cross country ride!

Picking up some hitch hikers at the Denver Airport!

Making some creepy friends!

Eric and Jesse enjoying a romantic carriage ride together!

Packing lunch for our snow adventure!

#1 and #2 playing on the mountain!


This is how we hot tub! Peanut butter and whipped cream!

We visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo again to share it with our friends! The giraffes at this zoo are so friendly!

Hey Girl!

How did this sauce packet know?

This fox has himself a tasty snack, but sadly it's a golf ball!

Frosty friends!

On the last run, I left my name on the mountain!

Frozen lake = Do not walk on lake sign = Oh well!

At Denver's City Hall, you can stand exactly one mile above sea level. And so we did!

Now that's a big blue bear!

Trust us. It needs to be said!