We love exploring islands, Vis was no exception! Our first chance to motorbike in Europe too, and even though it was the slowest scooter in the world it was still a ton of fun. If you have a chance to visit and explore Vis put it high on your list! Don't miss the locally produced wine.

Clear water is amazing.

Neat town.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Kyde. We saw a sign we knew one word on, their word for "wine." She immediately walked up to a house and after a few minutes found someone who could speak enough English to tell us how much the homemade wine they were selling cost and what types they had. Moments later we were in a man's garage filling a plastic milk jug with wine from his giant metal barrels. The photo showcases why Kyde is so awesome: She is willing to go on an adventure of any type, be it a trip around the world for two years, living in Japan or heading up a stranger's driveway in search of a jug of wine.

Another example of why Kyde is awesome.

He was waiting for his owner.



Satellite imagery!

Oh my.

The beautiful is extensive.

Parking lot.

After we filmed talking about the boat tunnel I went out on this little floating dock and wished I had spoken about it all from there instead. Oh well.

Our Airbnb host was a smalltime fruit thief. Haha.


Uh, where is the rest of this animal?

Let's go!

Searching for a cave!

Not finding a cave.

Still searching...


You know who it is.

It's yo boy.

Sigh. Humans.




How about that for a nice place to stop?

Low door.

Getting some b-roll. Maybe of a bee.

Kyde back to work before our ferry ride.