One of the biggest reasons we went to Jordan was because we had made friends with an amazingly nice Irish guy when we were in India, who swore that the ruined city of Petra is one of the most amazing places on earth. He was right! Enjoy!

A tiny cup for a tall man!

Wandering around the Shobak Castle. We came here to play in a tunnel under the castle. We found the tunnel and ventured in, but our pushy driver only gave us a short amount of time to look around. The tunnel was dark and scary!

Kyde is the Queen of the Castle!

Kyde's simplistic rendition of the beautiful sunset from our hotel rooftop.

Can you guess what Kyde's doing?

Pony! Eventhough we were told the pony ride was included in our entry ticket, the man guiding the horse asked for more money (on top of the tip I'd already offered) when he dropped me off. He was quite upset when I didn't oblige.

There are thousands of words you could use to describe Petra, but none of them do it justice!

Making the long, winding walk through the Siq into Petra.

Petra, camels, Kyde... HOORAY!

The Treasury was glorious to behold and instantly we felt like Indian Jones!

This picture has much more detail than can be viewed easily. First, it's a great twisting climb up an incredible rock! Second, Eric is pointing out a donkey which we encountered on the way up!

Made it to the top!

On top of it all!

Purple Petra sand!

The walls of many of the caves had this incredible tie dye effect. Also, Eric enjoyed some green jelly!

One of Kyde's favorite pictures from the trip. The wall just looks crazy!

It would have been great to see Petra back when it was inhabitated. How did they live here and what was it like?

Ampitheaters are a big thing in the Middle East.

I'm not supposed to do this!

We heard about a path which would give you a bird's eye view of the Treasury. We hiked for a good hour and finally made it to this point. Every step was worth it! We sat and admired the view for as long as we could.