These three videos admittedly are not the most exciting, but they are worth a watch. Yogyakarta was hot and overwhelming. We visited the world's largest Buddhist temple and were welcomed by what seemed like the world's largest welcoming committee of locals!

After escaping a strange tout, we found ourselves in a labyrinth of stairs!

A visit to the Sultan's Palaces gets you some sweet stickers. It's totally worth it!


Yogyakarta is quite exciting at dusk!

Kyde took this picture just enjoying the sight of these big animals in the middle of a mall, but we later found out they are rides for children. You put money in, hop on, and they are apparently drivable! Wish we had know that then!

We had no idea what to expect at Borobudur, but we were about to find out!

We found it's really hot! Seriously, that's over 110 degrees!

We found fun ways to take timer pictures!

... but we mainly found out that we are superstars in Indonesia! Everyone wanted to take pictures with us!

Kyde did her best to take their picture as well! Even though this lady looks really off put by the situation, she kissed Kyde on the cheek before saying goodbye!

Escaping our fame!

Odd note about our hotel room, there was a big hole in the bathroom door! Privacy? Nope!