We have been to Yokohama before but never made a video. The idea just hit us on Saturday night and Sunday morning we were on the move to visit the second largest city in Japan. We visited the Cup Noodle Museum, rode the Seabass boat to Yamashita Park, enjoyed international eats at World Festa 2014 and had a great time in the largest Chinatown in east Asia outside of China. And these were just spur of the moment things that can be done in Yokohama! Such a fun place and we are planning to go back soon!

Kyde really loves when cities make cool manhole covers. Yokohama's did not disappoint!

Bright and early! We're excited about Cup Noodle!

You get to design your own cup!

Kyde's drawing skills could either use a lot more work or are perfect. You be the judge!

Then you get to pick your seasoning and ingredients! Kyde's concoction was the best (on the left)!

This little guy is so cute! His name is HIYOKO-Chan!


Time to ride a boat!

This is not a sign of a good restaurant!

Chinatown looks beautiful at night!

Raod construction uses the cutest barriers!