After a few weeks exploring London we were excited to see what the English countryside had in store. Luckily some wonderful people who knew us from our video series offered us a wonderful little tiny house to stay in that allowed us time for relaxing, working, editing video and a few days of exploring the area. For us, just walking around an actual English village was a thrill, but we also got to check out castles, beautiful lakes, locks and a weekend trip to York!

Meet Popcorn!

Stunning! It's just like on the TV box!

Kyde made a couple of friends.

This picture slays me. Hahaha.

Dramatic Kyde!


Didn't die!


A little river in Skipton.

Castle window chillin'

Getting shots of a sunset in Skipton.

Action shot...of the shot!

The shot!

Kind of like AAA in The States, they have a car service in the UK that used to utilize these phone booths all over the country to call for help. Not many left these days.

Just another castle. How is this usual?!

Wonderful scene.



On a ride with our friends through the snowy Yorkshire Dales.

The highest pub in the UK!

Very briefly we shot a crossbow in Leeds.

Another snowy castle.

The largest system of locks on the canal in Bingley. Very cool engineering.

Wish we could have gotten on one of those boats.


Learning the basics.

Just in case, you gotta make sure you can move it by hand.

We stayed right next to this sign for a few weeks.

Every town has at least one.

Some of how a typical English village looks.

The post office.

Grocery store.

Winter is beautiful too.

Perfect color.

The tinyhouse we stayed in!

A lot of features for a tiny house!

Super cozy.

Kyde took about a million pictures of birds out this window, haha.