One of Japan's cutest customs has to be its city, prefecture and pretty-much-any-reason mascots! We have fallen in love with our prefecture mascot, Kobaton, and the rest of his friends are just plain adorable. Eric found out that all the mascots would be meeting up and surprised me! A lot of laughs and hugs happened and it was a completely awesome day! Please enjoy this crazy montage of mascot magic!

The day started out great with Wataru!

Oyabe was one of Kyde's favorites! She loves the hair!

Ecokuma! So cute and chubby!


Probably one of the most distinct mascots of them all, Hanachan!

Yacchi looks so sweet!

Swatton! A swan that apparently ate a pig that burst through it's stomach! With Towadanegin in the background!

Towadanebachi! What is he?

2 in 1! Sakurakkii and Iiwakun!

Inzaikun is such a sleepy rhino!

Eric excitedly waiting to meet one of his mascot idols!

Unarikun is one of Eric's favorites!


One of the best personalities of the day was Yabukijikun!


Meow! Kokutokun and Pikarya!

Mega friends! Furekinchan and Edokinchan!





Best hug of the day from Shirasagifujin!

Manatee was hidden, but we found him!

Genghis Khan (seriously, we think that's his name!)

Maxin' and relaxin' with Ogajirou!

Pinching Ponta!


Shadow buddies!


Rocking out with Gakutokun!


Watch out for Kanitarou!

Just a nice test picture!

2 Melonkumas!


Pacman's Japanese brother... Kibitan!

Bright white Yosshii!

Nyaozane, Kumagaya's mascot, will always be very dear to us!

Nu thought Kyde was one of his guides!

Kyde's favorite of the day, Inarin!

Kyde hugging her least favorite Japanese food, Konnyakun!

Koroton! Kyde's pig hat was awesome!

The perfect picture! Eric finally got to hug Kobaton!