A main objective our entire trip to Europe was to spend a fair amount of time exploring a country we knew nearly nothing about. Croatia is where we landed for an entire month and we absolutely loved it. Without spoiling too much, the country is full of amazing history, wonderful people, diverse and beautiful scenery and stunning old cities. Zagreb was where we began our trip, enjoy the videos of us getting a look at the capital city!

What is that?!

Wow! Epic!

Parties are better than wars.



Neat car!

Eric has started taking photos of flowers.

Kyde's mind!


The center of the solar system!

Our first planet!

Wow, a lot bigger!

Not a planet.



The left is the local basektball team logo.

Not a normal find.

Cute tram!


On a B-52.

Eric's hand against a trace of a basketball player's hand.

At the game!

Packed! Hahaaa.

Find the wolf.

Ice cream bones.

From our Airbnb.