After a long overnight bus ride, we landed in Mandalay. We checked out some of the sites, but we were most excited about getting our motorbike rental and hitting the road. Kyde tried to take the vegetarian challenge to spend a day without eating meat. She may or may not have done a good job! After getting the motorbike, we wasted no time making our way to Inle Lake.

A huge thank you to the following people for making our Myanmar trip amazing:

Sean Tabari, oZiKiDDa, Jean Marshall, Sharon Phillips, Tony Chang, Dan a.k.a. Doctor Doom Finger Lasers, Floyd Salerno, Yifei & Monika Ding, Ari Rubinstein, Darrick Carter, Eric, Samuel Lai, Stephen Nicholls, Adrian & Gabrielle, Eric H., Gerd Pickel, Roy Tore Řigarden, Ed Chin, Jan Weckwerth, Jason Moore, Keith Muller, Wolfgang Faltner, Evan Chu, Giovanni Mondragon, Huilin Loh, Kent Takamoto, Lachlan Hardy, Martin Fabricius, Martin Monahan, Masao Katamine, Michael Tobin, Michelle Pickering, Nathan Hamachek, Richard Portune, Terry Lindberg, Andy Graff, Delia Morales, Edward Zielinski, Hiroshi Wada, Alan Renner, Travis & Brittany, Dennis Chamberlin and Family, George Ngo, Henry Uchiyama, Jonas Andersson, Lucas Liu, Matthew Epps, Niall Coates, Paul Squires, Tristan Coleshaw, Tom Campbell, Jacob Bott, Francesco Innocenti, Steve Jennings, Andrew I., Anna Edwards, Aston Yeh, Brandt Golden, Bruce Flinchum, Eddie Chang, Ian & Rachel Osborne, Jeffrey Duncan, Jonathon Pile, Mark Casey, Matthew & Valerie, Mike Steele, , Nikoloz Apriashvili, Joshua Wiersma, Rui Fang Cai, Takashi Omura, Kelvin Duffy, Li-Kang Ker, Konichiwa50, Stacy Martinez, Lok Lui, Lucent, Aerodyll, Caitlyn Cardy, Lamont King, Shatheesan Premkumar, Unknown Wishlisters, Calder Gregory, R.Scott, Joackim Karlsson, Sumie Mishima, @mauricechang, and Evgeniy Yatsevich

These are the goods for all those that wanted them!

This sign was very informative when this actually happened to us!

That's a step in the right direction!

What a warm and welcoming church!

After a night of not sleeping and walking around Kyde started to get pretty snoozy!

Got our bike and we're off!

The overhead view of Mandalay!

Just hanging out after dark!

Kyde loves pictures like this on the bike where there's a huge buzz of things going on!

The first of many "What the fuck is that?" moments on the road!

This ! is appropriate!

A little landscape!

A shadow picture!