We absolutely loved our first visit to Hong Kong back during our trip around the world and have been dying to get back, especially to explore some of HK's more remote islands. Kyde stumbled across some cheap plane tickets so she snatched them up and off we went! If you want to check out our previous visit to Hong Kong back in 2010, check it out here: http://kydeanderic.com/HongKong

Let's go!

That's a sweet backpack.

Finding some of Hong Kong's grit!

Wearing the right kicks!

It's weird to be able to read something, but not verbalize it at all.

Hong Kong!!

Sup girl.

Brilliant ad!

Team yellow!

Kyde didn't win at dim sum bingo.

Nice shoe shop!

A very cool temple experience!

Kyde doing her best re-enactment.

Unicorn sauce?!

Make a splash!!