Here's an update that documents our stay in Hong Kong. At the end of our stay there, we were sad to say goodbye to Hong Kong because it had been unreal, but it was expensive so we needed to get ourselves pointed in the direction of China! During breaks between jaw dropped moments, we managed to get our Chinese visa, so we�re ready!


Hong Kong is getting ritzy!

The view of Victoria Harbor!

A typical crazy side street in Hong Kong!

Some of the architecture in Hong Kong is so slinky looking! It looks like this building is made of pure silver!

Surprisingly, we found a Burger King at the top of Hong Kong. We had a bite to eat and got this amazing photo!

The mascot for a Chinese medicine shop!

Super sweet story! This hooker in the red short shorts tried to pick up Eric. When she saw me a few feet away and realized that I was his girlfriend, she apologized. Classy!

We found an IKEA and decided that we needed to surround ourselves with bulldogs!

We headed out of the city to see the residential areas of Hong Kong. We found a playground and just couldn't resist!

We can take our whores home with us!

Hong Kong What?? Eric always makes fun of me saying that it looks like I'm putting up gang signs here!

At the pony races! We won!!

After 121 days of bearding, Eric thought it was a good time to give himself a trim!

If you visit Hong Kong, please go see the Noon Day Gun. It seems like a lame tourist attraction, but it was actually quite fun. It doesn't cost money and you'll experience some awesome artillery!