This is a huge update covering our visit to Amman, Jordan. During this time, we celebrated our 400th day of traveling and took a couple of day trips to visit a ruined roman city, the mountain where Moses died and we also floated in the unbelievable Dead Sea. This is one of Eric's favorite videos we have made; the Dead Sea footage is amazing. Oh, the video is also about 45 minutes long because youtube finally lifted our video time limit! I figured one long video is easier than having it split into 4 pieces. Anyways, enjoy!!

This balloon approached us while we were playing around in some rubble. The note on it was obviously from an English class student explaining that they loved their teacher. We attempted to send the balloon on its way, but it never managed to get more and a few feet off the ground. I think it made it to the right people though. We really enjoyed it!

Doing the bird!

Kyde should probably not have climbed the building!

If you look closely, you can see Kyde laying over the arch of the doorway.

That's some creepy stuff right there.

Jesus Fish!

The Arch of Hercules!

Playing around in the sunshine!

Something about this seems wrong.

Religion is so badass!

The world's oldest tile mosaic map.

The view from the mountain where Moses is said to have died. The Dead Sea is out there somewhere!

We are heading in the right direction!

We jumped into the Dead Sea and it was everything we thought it would be and a little painful!

Black Kyde!

Washing off the Dead Sea mud. A warning to travelers who come and play with the mud. You can put it on your face and it feels nice, but removing it should be done at the showers. The Dead Sea water is extremely painful on your eyes! OUCH!

Our taxi driver on the way home from the Dead Sea told us he needed to make a detour. It turned out he was taking us to a duty free shop because he had to have foreigners present to make a purchase! Beer was all he needed!

We traveled to Jerash, Jordan to investigate some ancient roman ruins. Romans in Jordan? Yes! This cove of an ancient roman ampitheater has a strange acoustic ability. You can hear what is being said on the other side of the stage.

Can't believe these ancient structures are still standing, especially at these heights.

The major draw of these ruins is the chariot races! They were awesome!

There were also theatrics and the Rock made an appearence.

Kyde got to meet the commander! Dang, that mustache is amazing!

Barbarians! Also, the Rock!

Fruit drinks in Amman are not messing around!

Hashem Restaurant is an extremely popular falafel joint in Amman. You will see pictures of the King of Jordan enjoying their food on the walls while you eat some of the best Jordanian food there is.