This update is from the start of our visit to Cambodia. Waterfalls and crater lakes are the best way to start off a country! Enjoy!

Eric's Cambodian Visa!

You might be wondering what this motorcycle is hauling. It's ice. There are no household refrigerators here, so people have the ice delivered to their shops, restaurants and homes.

We went to Yaklom Lake for a little swim. The lake is extremely deep and quite clear. It is debated whether the lake was created by a meteor or a volcano, but no one knows! Look far out to the left of the buoy and you'll see Eric's head!

These are not actually bugs, but their exoskeletons. We saw them everywhere in Ban Lung!

Maneuvering to reach the waterfall!

Taking a power shower!

Having a laugh on a bouncy bridge!

This was one of the smaller waterfalls we saw, but it still towers over Eric!

Eric decided to swing on some vines. They caused him to drift farther out than expected and he squealed "Kyde!"

Our tan lines are so sexy!