Here is the final video in the Borneo series! We spent a day in Kota Kinabalu exploring a couple temples and an awful lot of food! A great trip is capped by a scramble to eat things you've fallen in love with one last time. Enjoy!

Getting a fresh fade!

A wonderfully awesome museum we found, but didn't visit. Cool building though.

A new massive hotel under construction.

A mixture that explains why so much of Malaysia is magical.

...speaking of magical.

New year!

Making new friends.

Having a laugh with new friends.

Five up top!

That shark is made out of plastic bottles.

Getting a view.

Drummer bummer.

The best sunsets are equatorial sunsets.

Kyde's got crabs. For dinner.

Does that sign mean no motorbikes...or no *riding* motorbikes? Either way, people were riding them to the parking area, haha.

Another sign with no authority.


That's a lot of satellite dishes.


Kyde getting that fat bastard packed up. Will be featured in a video soon!


No, seriously. The best candy bar in the world.


We didn't film in Kuala Lumpur, but here's a picture of one of Kyde's favorite places in the world.