Brunei is the perfect country for a road trip so we rented a car and did it! Saw some more signs of an island full of tons of wildlife, found some fun food and explored the rarely visited interior of the country! It was a great couple of days!

Found the beach!

Let's get that chicken!

New friends!

An unexpected find considering where we were.

Wow, pretty river!

Oh my god, really?!

Another beach!

Our ride: Onion!

Hahaha, some teacups!



An awesome end to a day.

An awesome start to another day!

The sun is coming up!



Dragon food?

Like a gazillion oils!

Sweet wheels.

Even sweeter wheels!

Very cool river in the wilderness. Probably not going swimming, though.

I love how reflective the water is.

Is this....a....hotel?

Let's hit the swamp!

Not bad!

It's tradition!